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Closing 12 May 2019
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The Australian Cycling Team supports 57 athletes across Track, Road, BMX and Para. We support track athletes in a centralised program based in Adelaide; individual Road and BMX athletes in a decentralised support environment; and we support Para-cycling athletes through a partnership with the High Performance Network (SIS/SAS).

Our principles are: Performance 1st, Athlete Centred, Coach Led and Team Delivered.

We believe that an integrated and holistic approach to performance is vital to sustainable success. This role will be required to work within our performance structure, critically working with and through the coach, team medical doctor, and Head of Performance Psychology and Behaviours to ensure the right support gets to the athlete in a strategic and performance enhancing manner.

Primary Purpose of Role

Lead and coordinate the Cycling Australia strategy for Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement (AW&E) and deliver associated services designed to improve an athletes’ ability to thrive throughout and beyond their sporting career.

The Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement Lead reports directly to the Performance Director and is responsible for implementing strategy and providing evidence-based services on all aspects of athlete wellbeing within a holistic performance team environment that is coach led.

To fulfil the responsibilities, the position will need to develop and maintain effective relationships with:

  • National Coaches and Technical Directors, Australian Cycling Team
  • Head of Performance Psychology and Behaviours, Australian Cycling Team
  • Medical Doctor, Australian Cycling Team
  • Head of Performance Pathways and People, Australian Cycling Team
  • General Manager, Australian Cycling Team
  • AIS Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement (AW&E) Branch
  • High Performance Network (SIS/SAS) AW&E providers
  • AIS AW&E National Referral Networks

Role Responsibilities

Lead the development and implement agreed strategy that is aligned to Cycling Australia’s Holistic Performance Development Framework and AIS AW&E direction.

Responsibilities include:

  • Create a strategy with the input of Australian Cycling Team stakeholders that identifies gaps in support or delivery, and develop an implementation plan for successful completion to agreed timeframes
  • Adopt an individualised case management approach when assessing athlete career and education needs and create individualised plans to ensure all athletes are actively working on their career development during their time with the Australian Cycling Team and refer appropriately, and in line with, Cycling Australia policies and process
  • Lead on the planning, development, implementation and revision of an evidence based, bespoke and innovative life skills curriculum framework keeping with the direction set by Cycling Australia, athlete needs and AIS AW&E, and best practice
  • Lead the provision of personal and practical support for athletes transitioning in and out of the Australian Cycling Team
  • Contribute to Cycling Australian’s Holistic Performance Development Framework and develop policies and procedures to support the holistic development, safety and protection of Australian Cycling Team athletes
  • Design and coordinate projects to enhance athlete support that are aligned with the broader service delivery of the performance support team
  • Integrate and manage the athlete wellbeing component within the Australian Cycling Team athlete individualised planning process, and within the context of the coach led environment
  • Establish, maintain and connect with the required referral networks, including the AIS Mental Health National Referral Network, AIS National Career and Education Referral Network and the Elite Athlete Friendly University Network
  • Liaise with the AIS AW&E Branch in relation to existing pathways for athletes to engage with the Australian community and facilitate work experience programs for athlete placements
  • Influence the culture and gain commitment from the Australian Cycling Team to consistently consider athlete wellbeing when making strategy and operational decisions
  • Engage in ongoing professional development specifically, but not limited to, the areas of mental health, wellbeing, athlete conduct and safety and protection, education, career mapping and transition, within the context of the Australian Cycling Team environment
  • Maintain contemporary knowledge of social issues impacting sport and proactively instigate solutions to address any developing issues

Key Outcomes

  • Athletes make a positive transition into life after sport and communicate authentically and positively about their experiences in sport and transition into life after sport
  • Development of the Cycling Australia AW&E strategy within the Holistic Performance Development Framework to support the holistic development, safety and protection of Australian Cycling Team athletes
  • Ensure commitment and action from the Australian Cycling Team to always consider athlete wellbeing when making strategy and operational decisions
  • All Australian Cycling Team athletes are aware of and accessing myAISplaybook
  • All Australian Cycling Team athletes are aware of and accessing if required, Mental Health, Career and Education Referral Networks as well as the Elite Athlete Friendly University Network and national networking/community engagement events
  • Cycling Australia is recognised as a leader in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of athletes



  • Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Education and or Career Counselling
  • Evidence of delivering innovative cultural change projects to successful outcomes
  • Be able to thrive in a performance environment and within a holistic team structure


  • Masters Degree or PhD in Social Work, Psychology, Education or Career Counselling


  • 5 years’ experience working in a related field, in a pressurised performance context
  • Skilled in developing and implementing a long-term strategy
  • Demonstrated high level experience implementing case management processes to ensure appropriate care and referral are accessible
  • Demonstrated high level experience guiding and supporting people through various transition, educational and vocational pathways
  • Demonstrated experience working within a multi-disciplinary team within a high performance environment
  • Proven experience building and leveraging relationships to influence and work effectively with a wide range of stakeholders
  • Demonstrated ability to establish, implement, maintain and grow community partnerships to provide opportunities for athletes to engage and integrate with activities outside training and competition
  • Proven ability to undertake leadership and management responsibilities, including staff learning and development
  • Demonstrated experience to develop, plan and deliver athlete individualised strategies and activities to address the identified wellbeing, career, personal and professional development needs of Australian Cycling Team athletes

Knowledge and Skills

  • Maintaining performance while navigating, managing and negotiating competing priorities, within a high pressure and complex environment
  • Strong understanding of the Australian sport system, in particular high performance sport
  • Experience and commitment to delivering best practice in career development support and educational and vocational options and guidance
  • Contemporary knowledge of issues impacting mental health and wellbeing of athletes and experience with implementing best practice support
  • Experience in establishing, maintaining, broadening and leveraging connections with relevant service industry networks

Personal Attributes

  • Relating and Networking | able to gain commitment, build trust and partnerships effectively and quickly; builds wide and effective networks of contacts inside and outside the organisation
  • Working with People | relates well to people at all levels; manages conflict; listens, consults others and communicates proactively; supports and cares for others; develops and openly communicates self-insight
  • Leadership | able to transform a vision into a shared purpose through your own personal commitment as well as engaging, developing, coaching, motivating and guiding a team to achieve successful outcomes; provides others with a clear direction; sets appropriate standards of behaviour
  • Business | a strong understanding of Sport Industry Acumen
  • Planning and Organising | the capability to set clearly defined objectives, plans, activities and projects well in advance; identify gaps, interprets information and organises resources needed to accomplish tasks; monitors and evaluates performance against deadlines and milestones
  • Learning and Researching | can systematically evaluate opportunities and tenaciously work to meet and exceed goals while maximising learning experiences; gathers comprehensive information to support decision making; encourages an organisational learning approach (i.e. learns from successes and failures and seeks staff and customer feedback); manages knowledge (collects, catalogues and disseminates knowledge of use to the organisation)

Performance Behaviours (Australian Cycling Team)

  • Passion for excellence and strong desire to excel | seeks world class levels of professionalism, technical delivery and quality standards
  • Team work | brings vision and develops direction and structure, ensures clarity of role and purpose; facilitates the completion of team goals
  • Sets high standards of performance for self and others | assumes responsibility and accountability for successfully completing tasks, ensuring high quality; sets standards for excellence
  • Communication | clearly conveys information and ideas through a variety of platforms to individuals and groups
  • Coaching | provides timely guidance and feedback to support others to strengthen specific knowledge and skill areas
  • Commitment to continuous learning | actively identifies new areas for learning

Key Partners Include

  1. High Performance Network (SIS/SAS)
  2. Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), including AW&E Branch
  3. World class education and development organisations including universities and training institutes


  • Travel throughout Australia and internationally will be required
  • Comply with all policies set down by Cycling Australia and ensure that they are implemented as appropriate

Employer and Other Details

Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted.

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