Director of Performance & Sports Science

University of Oregon Athletic Department

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Position Summary

The Director is responsible for providing leadership, management, and oversight of comprehensive data collection/analysis and monitoring applications with a focus on optimizing student-athlete performance. A primary role of the Director is contributing expertise to a team of professionals to assist with and support student-athlete health and safety through enhanced recovery and injury prevention/rehabilitation programs. This position will have a specific focus on football (American football) and involvement with other sports. The goal of the position is to manage programming designed to collect, coordinate, and analyze data and provide feedback and recommendations to the experienced staff in the varied areas of wellness and athletic performance. These areas include: student wellness, activity monitoring, performance analytics, sleep, recovery, nutrition, strength & conditioning, mental skills/sport psychology, athletic training, medical among other areas involved in optimizing student-athlete performance, health and safety. Responsible for promoting the philosophy and objectives of the intercollegiate athletics program, including adherence to all department policies and procedures, as well as the rules and regulations of the university, Pac-12 Conference and the NCAA.

The individual will be responsible for integrating the functions of numerous areas that support student-athlete wellness, performance and injury prevention, coordinating a high-performance team approach in a state of art athletic performance center. A primary responsibility is to strategically collect and analyze data collected from varied technologies employed to assist student-athletes to enhance training effects, recovery and optimize performance in collaboration with coaches, and other high-performance team members. The Director will coordinate a comprehensive sports performance program to assess and enhance student-athlete readiness, performance, and recovery for elite student-athletes. Successful candidates will demonstrate vision and leadership in strategic planning and the ability to manage competing priorities and diverse viewpoints among a highly experienced and successful staff.

Essential Requirements

Employer and Other Details

Minimum Requirements

  • Master's degree (or equivalent) in a Sport or Exercise Science or related discipline.
  • Five years working in a sport performance capacity with elite level athletes.
  • Experience in collaborating with or leading sports medicine, sports technology, strength and conditioning, and nutrition programs.
  • Experience integrating multiple tracking and assessment tools to assess and drive optimal performance and recovery.

Professional Competencies

  • Demonstrated expertise in utilization of innovative applied sport science strategies to support high-performance athletes.
  • Excellent IT and technology skills with an emphasis on knowledge of existing software programs geared to sport training.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment.
  • Conveys enthusiasm and demonstrates a communication style than fosters collaboration and enhances program engagement for members of the performance team.
  • Demonstrated successful leadership skills.
  • Ability to adapt and respond to a fast-paced environment.
  • Employs innovative thought and demonstrates effective problem-solving skills.
  • A discreet, professional and confidential approach.
  • Ability to budget and responsible fiscal management.
  • Excellent organization and administration skills. Capacity to plan operationally and strategically.
  • Strong decision-making skills and ability to work well under pressure.

Preferred Qualifications

  • PhD in Sport or Exercise Science or related discipline.
  • Experience in leading a successful high-performance team.
  • Experience with data collection, analysis and interpretation to create reports specific to the needs of coaches and athletes.
  • Experience in planning and implementing short and long term plans for elite athletes.
  • Experience in applied movement assessment utilizing motion capture technology.
  • Candidates with experience serving the needs of diverse populations are strongly desired.

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